UFM-10 – Simple ultrasonic clamp-on flow measuring system for liquids containing a high level of solids or enclosed gas bubbles. For example waste water and sludge. The UFM-10 is a very cost effective alternative to in-line flow meters.

This doppler flow measuring system is very easy to install and easy to use. Ideal for applications requiring good repeatability and reliable results.
Measurement technique

The UFM-10 uses an alternative ultrasonic measurement principle to our other clamp-on flow meters and therefore requires different application conditions. Applying the so called Refracted Spread Spectrum Analysis technique, the UFM-10 requires liquids, which contain entrained solids, gases or turbulence in order to provide a measurement.

This system offers exceptional repeatability at a fraction of the cost in comparison to an equivalent MAG flow meter. The doppler flow switch is reliable in a wide variety of pipe materials.

The unit is very easy to install with minimum configuration required.

Provides both analogue and alarm outputs on the standard model and achieves an accuracy of 2%.

The UFM-10 is available in two versions, depending on the pipe diameter:

  • 30 to 350 mm
  • 30 to 1000 mm

Can be deployed stand-alone or communicate directly with the permanently mounted flow monitor.

Also available as a portable unit.

  • Suitable for dirty and turbulent liquids (doppler)
  • Small size, simple installation
  • No process interruption (clamp-on)
  • Manual programming, simple operation
  • Simple process connections
  • Pipe materials: steel, stainless steel, PVC, PE, GRE, cast iron etc.
  • Robust, stainless steel construction
  • Low purchasing costs
  • Available in both permanent and portable configuration
  • Water and waste water
  • Food & beverage
  • Sand extraction
  • Over flow
  • Paint
  • Paper stock

When installing an ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter, the transducers / sensors are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe, implicating that it remains completely intact. No maintenance, no contamination of the sensor, no flow obstruction, no pressure loss an no corrosion.

This is what makes this method, compared to in-line (electromagnetic) flow measuring, more cost effective.

Not conducting flow measurements on a regular base ? You can rent the UFM-10 per day or per week . Do the measuring yourself or leave it in the capable hands of our service engineers. We are happy to assist you with technical advice and support.

  • UFM-10 - clampon flowmeter | U-F-M b.v.
  • UFM-10 - clampon flowmonitor | U-F-M b.v.