Energy advice Roughly 30% of your production costs are spend on energy. Too high energy consumption is not desirable. Knowing what and when your peak usage is can lead to significant cost savings.

That is why providing insight into the energy flows within your building or plant is of great importance. There may be a possibility to recover energy, to use residual heat, to improve efficiency or to save on energy costs in another way. Call in U-F-M for a tailor-made energy advice.


Reliable energy advice by ultrasonic clamp-on flow measurement

Our experts provide insight into your energy consumption quickly and efficiently, without interrupting your power processes. We are able to measure flow rates at an accuracy of 0.5% using ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters. By means of the paired PT100 temperature sensors we determine the ΔT.

  • Non-invasive: Measurement from the outside
  • Suitable for almost all pipe materials
  • Quick installation, easy to use
  • No re-calibration needed
  • 2 Energy measurements with 1 flow meter
  • Expert support

The warm, often hot water provides a lot of residual heat. Measuring this partial flow is evident. However, an electromagnetic flow meter is not an option, because the condensate is not or hardly electrically conductive. An ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter offers the solution. It can be used in such a situation, even up to 600 ° Celsius.

Heat is often transported in the form of warm water. Ultrasonic flow meters are very popular for this type of pipe. By mounting the clamp-on sensors externally, we make energy consumption visible without opening a pipe. This is in contrast to an in-line flow meter with which one sometimes experiences disturbances caused by – for example – magnetite.

A portable clamp-on flow meter is a multi-purpose instrument. It can be installed quickly and easily at another location. With the KATflow 230  – for example -we can easily measure the consumption of a heat / cold exchanger by means of two PT100 temperature sensors .

We use the UFM-70 FS and Katronic flowmeters for your tailor-made energy advice. The ultrasonic sensors of these instruments are suitable for temperatures of at least 600 ° C. Each pipe with a diameter of 10 – 6500 mm can be measured with two types of sensors. The simple menu structure and the Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant™ make it a ready to operate instrument with guaranteed accuracy. Moreover, recalibration with this system is not necessary, which saves you costs.

The semi-portable UFM-70 FS focuses on flexibility and performance.

We use the portible KATflow 230 for temporarily applications.

We use the KATflow 150 and KATflow 100 for fixed / permanent setups. In addition, the KATflow 150 offers the possibility to visualize two energy flows simultaneously with just one transmitter. This saves you extra costs for a calculation module.

Energy advice - energy measurement with ultrasonic flowmeter KATflow 230

  • Process optimization
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cold exchangers
  • British thermal units (Btu)
  • Water-side adjustment (central heating / cooling installation)
  • Leak measurements / Leak detection

Learn to measure yourself?

By means of our equipment, you have the opportunity to provide insight into your energy consumption yourself. We are happy to organize extensive training for you and your employees either at our facilities in our NL premises, or at your own site in order to save time.

Video: Measuring underfloor heating (in Dutch)

Video: Installation clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement

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