Rental Quick and flexible solution for checking or temporarily measuring the flow in pipes or tanks.

Hiring an ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter is an ideal solution for measurements at your location. With these innovative tools, you are able to measure form the outside of your pipeline, without shutting down the flow process systems.

Rent a flowmeter, for one day or longer

We acknowledge the importance of your flexibility. Our portable clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters can be rented for short as well as longer periods of time : for a day, week or for several weeks in a row. Available from stock.

Leasing is also an option.


Due to the simple menu structure and the unique Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant™, our flowmeters are easy to use and they efficiently provide insight in your (energy) flow.

All of our clamp-on flowmeters feature a quick start manual that allows you to set up a flow measurement within five minutes.

However, lack of time or available resources can be a reason to call in our stand-by measurement service. We are happy to install the flow meters at your location and to perform the measurements. If desired, we can also prepare the reports for you.

Quotation within one working day

In the event of a process downtime due to maintenance work or a defect, you must be able to switch quickly, however at appropriate rates. We aim to send you our quotation within one working day.

Rental ultrasonic flowmeters - the KATflow 200 | U-F-M bv

  • Possible for 1 day
  • Gases and liquids
  • ATEX – optionally
  • Also for wall thickness, pressure measurements etc.
  • Incl. datalogger (10 x 100.000)
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Purchase after rental possible
  • Emergency deliveries
  • Always in stock
  • remote read out (Netbiter®)
  • Energy measurement of cold and heating systems
  • Instructions by VCA / Nogepa certified expert
  • Katronic™
  • Sonotec™
  • Isoil™
  • UFM™