HydrantsIncreasingly higher requirements are imposed on the inspection and certification of hydrants (fire suppression, fire hydrants). To be sure that your fire hydrant network has sufficient capacity and complies with legislation and regulations, it is important to regularly carry out flow or capacity measurements.

By means of an ultrasonic flow measurement you quickly have accurate insight into the capacity of your water supply. After the measurement you will receive a certificate.

OUR SOLUTION : periodic ultrasonic capacity measurement

  • On-site ultrasonic flow measurement
  • Quick and accurate capacity insight
  • Clamp-on : non-invasive measuring
  • Calibration report / Official certification

The user permit or policy conditions stipulate that the capacity of your fire hydrant installation must be measured periodically. The capacity requirements are 30, 60, 90 and 120 m³ / hour. The Working Conditions Act also prescribes that fire hydrants and extinguishing systems must be checked annually for proper operation. By capacity measurements carried out regularly, you can keep your extinguishing system reliable.

Your water supply and water pipes are the basis of your extinguishing system. During a capacity measurement, we measure the flow of water per unit of time. The measuring is conducted non-invasive ; the sensors are clamped on the exterior of the pipe or tube. Thus we get the job done quickly, efficiently and extremely accurately.

Because the tube or pipe of your extinguishing system remains intact while mounting the ultrasonic clamp-on flow sensors, there is no risk of leaks. You can even be sure that your hydrants are working properly during the capacity measurement.

  • BP
  • Chemelot
  • Botlek