Team U-F-M - We measure flow

“We measure flow”

Team – We measure flow. That is the shortest way to describe what we do at U-F-M. We sell, rent and install ultrasonic flowmeters; instruments for measuring flow rates of liquids and gases in pipes, tubes and tanks. We use the word “flow” often and with pleasure. Just as “ultrasonic”, the principle on which our measurements are based.

TEAM POWER | Dedication

Optimization and the continuity of your flow process, is what matters to us. We immerse ourselves in your industrial application to advise on the best solution for measuring flow, pressure, level, energy or wall thickness. By working closely with you, we know which instrument is right for you. And we will always search for even more efficiency.

TEAM POWER | Flexibility

We adapt to your situation. For example, you may meet us dressed in a suit and tie one moment, and then you will find us entering your plant in our overalls, wearing a helmet. We usually answer your questions within one working day, whether by e-mail, by telephone or during a visit. We all feel involved in every assignment and every project. You can count on that.

Team U-F-M - François van Nijnatten - Managing Director

François van Nijnatten – Managing Director

Team U-F-M - Leen de Jong - Technical Director

Leen de Jong – Technical Director