Safety first Before we visit your site, we provide method statements for the service work and we perform an LMRA risk assessment in accordance with SCC (VCA in the Netherlands) requirements. We work accurately, neatly and in accordance with the site’s security policy.

We work accordingly the security policy of the location, with all necessary security accreditations:

  • SCC (VCA)
  • NOGEPA (Dutch Oil and GAS Exploration and Production Association)
  • HUET  (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)

Non-destructive inspection – Efficient and Safe

U-F-M specializes in non-invasive flow and level measurements of liquids and gases in pipes, tubes and (storage) tanks. We supply ultrasonic measuring instruments, both portable and for permanent installation, also suitable for ATEX zones.

Because the clamp-on sensors are installed on the outside of the high pressure pipe, there’s no need to open up the pipe and shut down the system. Therefore there is no pressure loss and no risk of leaks or contamination.

Ultrasonic flow measurements are used in a variety of situations and industries. The external mounting of the clamp-on sensors makes this an efficient and safe method.