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BTU measurement for efficient HVACR energy management

with non-invasive, clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters Efficiency is the key to responsible and cost-effective energy management. Whether it involves achieving more with less, or reducing the expenditure of financial, human or natural resources, efficiency requires a well-considered approach. BUILDINGS AND OPERATING COSTS We live in an environment full of buildings. The energy consumption involved [...]

2023-10-23T14:03:53+00:0019/10/2023|Building services, HVAC systems|

Quick check of volume flows in pumpsystems

Volume flow measuring with the portable clamp-on flow meter KATflow 200; checking the installation parameters for pump systems (design and dimensioning).  KSB Service and the KATflow 200 German manufacturer KSB SE & Co. KGaA supplies innovative, tailor-made system components for industrial applications; from heating circulation pumps to larger pump components in nuclear power plants. [...]

How to make cooling in data centers more efficient

Every day we generate and use a huge amount of data that needs to be stored online. This need is being met by a growing number of data centers. They are large energy consumers that dissipate the heat generated by computers and machines through cooling systems. Its efficiency can be monitored using a thermal [...]

2023-01-30T10:33:20+00:0030/01/2023|Building services|

Drought emergency: reducing water losses

The world is struggling with increasing drought and all of its consequences. The numbers rerelating to water losses in the various distribution networks are alarming. An emergency situation like this calls for intervention on existing infrastructures using a new approach.  WATER STRESS According to the Unicef-WHO Report, the disparities in water consumption around the [...]

2022-09-09T13:20:17+00:0008/09/2022|Water | Wastewater|

Ultrasonic water flowmeters in greenhouse horticulture

Ultrasonic flowmeters are on the rise in greenhouse horticulture. There are strong reasons for that. To keep control over water consumption and flow capacities, the need for fast and accurate measuring is growing. In the past, mainly mechanical instruments were used for this purpose, such as a propeller or a paddle wheel. However, since [...]

Analysis of bathing water circulation in public swimming pools

Verification of volume flows with KATflow 200 to check energy-optimised control systems The German electronics specialists from Klingenberger GmbH undertake control cabinet construction and building control technology projects for public swimming pools and public buildings. In addition to production, installation and commissioning, their services include project planning for the conversion, renovation and new construction [...]

Non-invasive flow measurement in tank storage

Download the article in pdf This Katronic™ article was originally published in Tank Storage Magazine. U-F-M is the exclusive distributor in the Benelux for Katronic™. This English company has long specialized in the development of ultrasonic flowmeters. A reliable partner who delivers excellent service and quality with references in all possible [...]

2023-10-23T14:22:58+00:0020/01/2022|Tank terminals|

How to measure in case of a disturbed flow?

One of the assumptions made when installing a flowmeter is that the instrument is placed there where the flow is stable and undisturbed. In reality, however, such ideal measurement conditions hardly ever occurs. Disturbed flow profiles could be caused by numerous things but generally are a result in a change to the pipe through [...]


Flood risk flow measuring

Anyone who manages an extensive water supply network or a sewage system has to deal with checks and flow measurements of very diverse types and sizes of pipes. With the current generation of measuring equipment, almost all water flows can be measured. Also in areas subject to extreme weather conditions and/or the risk of [...]

2021-07-22T10:25:52+00:0022/07/2021|Floods, Water | Wastewater|

Periodic capacity measurement

CLAMP-ON FLOWMETERS FOR HYDRANTS Annually checking of fire hydrants and extinguishing systems for proper functioning? We are happy to be of assistance. Our non-invasive capacity measurements quickly provide insight into any bottlenecks. You will receive a report and certificate upon completion. U-F-M has got you covered. HYDRANTS - more info [...]

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