Tunnels and Road contstruction – Ultrasonic flowmeters are increasingly being used to check and monitor the water discharge in tunnels and on roads during (heavy) rainfall. Daily commuting and transportation should of course not be hindered by flooding.

All excess water must be pumped out of tunnels and roads as quickly as possible. Measuring instruments offer the solution. However, in an existing tunnel or road, the traffic should be hindered as little as possible when installing a measuring system. Breaking open the drain pipes to install a conventional – inline – flowmeter is not an attractive option.


  • Non-invasive: No intrusion into drainage pipes and no interruptions to traffic flows
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Durable functionality
  • Accurate measurements
  • Cost-saving
  • On-site measurement support

The sensors of our ultrasonic flowmeters are clamped to the exterior of the drainage pipe. It is therefore not necessary to open up the pipe and shut down the system. This means that traffic is not or hardly affected by the measurement activities.

Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters can be retrofitted to pipes made of various materials and with a diameter range from 3 mm to 6500 mm. This can be achieved without costly modifications to the measurement instrument specification. In addition, calibrations, zero flow measurements and specific pipe sizes are a thing of the past when you use the ultrasound measurement technique.

  • Our instruments operate based on the transit-time measuring principle
  • The sensors are non-invasively installed to the outside of the pipe
  • Can be used for almost all media such as water, wastewater, demineralized water, glycol, acids, alkalis, alcohol, hydraulic or thermal oils
  • Applicable for almost any pipe material; Stainless steel, Steel, PVC, PP, GRE and even double-walled pipes
  • Diameter range : 3 mm to 6 meters
  • Also suitable for high temperatures up to 600 ° C

With clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters, your only investment are the costs of purchasing or renting. While in-line flowmeters entail additional costs for engineering, process stoppages, trained personnel and all additional accessories (bolts, gaskets, washers, etc.)

  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • Wijkertunnel
  • Tunnel A4 Delft-Schiedam
 Tunnels & Wegenbouw - KATflow 100 - vaste ultrasone flowmeter | U-F-M b.v.

Standard fixed installation clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter

 Tunnels & Wegenbouw - KATflow 150 - vaste ultrasone flowmeter | U-F-M b.v.

Advanced fixed installation clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter

Tunnels en Wegenbouw - portable KATFlow 200 ultrasone flowmeter van U-F-M b.v.

Handheld clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter