OffshoreMany oil and gas platforms on the Dutch Continental Shelf were built decades ago. In few of those production systems were flowmeters installed at the time. What if one wants to know how much gas or oil they actually produce? Shutting down an entire platform for the installation of a flowmeter is not an attractive option.

Inline electromagnetic flowmeters could be the obvious choice. However, for existing pipes or tubes which are not equipped with measuring instruments, the clamp-on ultrasonic method is an interesting alternative for measuring flow rates.


  • Provide insight into the volume flow quickly and easily
  • Non-invasive : Measuring from the outside of (existing) pipes
  • Suitable for gases and fluids
  • Cost effective : No interruption of production processes
  • Highly accurate
  • No pressure loss
  • No leakage problems / pollution
  • On-site measurement service, 24/7 – Optional

The sensors of our ultrasonic flowmeters are made of stainless steel, with IP 68 classification as standard. The robust design makes the sensors ideal for use in offshore environments and areas where aggressive chemicals may be present.

Because the clamp-on sensors are installed on the outside of the high pressure pipe, there’s no need to open up the pipe and shut down the system. Therefore there is no pressure loss and no risk of leaks / contamination. Moreover, the production process can continue while measuring.

The KATflow 170 is a clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter specially developed for ATEX zone 1 (and 2). This instrument comes in an aluminum housing or – optionally – with a special offshore coating. We can customize the device for you by adding inputs and outputs : HART / MODBUS / Temperature / 4… 20mA etc.

Our ultrasonic flowmeters are simple to install. This is a significant advantage in environments where access to qualified personnel involves helicopter flights or long, expensive journeys. Anyone with basic technical training should be able to install and operate an ultrasonic flowmeter. In addition, you can count on our remote measurement support (via telephone), to ensure that the whole process is as efficiently as possible.

Would you rather leave the measurement procedure to specialized, also fully accredited service engineers? We are available 24/7.

We work accordingly the guidelines of the NOGEPA (Dutch Oil and GAS Exploration and Production Association).
Our service engineers have succesfully completed all necessary safety training for the offshore industry (including HUET) and, of course, we are VCA certified.

  • Pumps testing and inspection
  • Gas transports monitoring
  • Condensate measurements
  • Deluge systems
  • Induction loops
  • Engie
  • Neptune
  • Tyco FIS (Marine Division)
  • Lloyd’s Register
  • Rosetti Marino
  • Stena Drilling
  • Royal Navy
  • BP
  • Chevron
Olie en Gas - KATflow 150

Advanced fixed installation clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter

Offshore - KATflow 200

Hand-held clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter

Offshore - KATflow 170

Fixed installation clamp-on ultrasonic ATEX flowmeter