About us – We are experts in providing solutions and instruments for industrial ultrasonic flow and level measurements, for liquids as well as gases.

We specialize in both permanent and portable measurement setups. Clamp-on ultrasonic flow and level meters to be exact. These instruments make it possible to measure from a pipe’s exterior. Less drastic than the inline installation of a measuring instrument, also faster, more economical and very accurate.


Accurate measurement data are decisive for a continuous, qualitative and efficient production process. That is why we tune in your measuring system to your specific needs. With our flowmeters, the highest achievable accuracy of 0.5 % is within reach.

Our Katronic™ measuring devices are equipped with the patented Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant™, a unique concept allowing you to install the ultrasonic sensors correctly and quickly. This guarantees the highest achievable accuracy of your flow measurement.


Ultrasonic flowmeters are used in an enormous diversity of situations and industries. Our measuring systems are used by water boards, but also in the petrochemical industry, as an extremely hygienic application in the pharmaceutical industry, for measurements in power plants, on oil rigs and more industries.


“ Providing customers with the most efficient and reliable measurement solutions in stationary and portable ultrasonic flow measurements* for industrial flow processes. And offering fast, flexible support that goes beyond that of our competitors. ”

*also : transit time difference / flow, level measurements, wall thickness measurements and pipe monitoring


Team U-F-M - Ultrasonic Flow Management - about us

We work according to and with all necessary safety accreditations:

  • SCC (VCA)
  • NOGEPA (Dutch Oil and GAS Exploration and Production Association)
  • HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)

Team U-F-M - Ultrasonic Flow Management - about us