We take great pride in helping our customers and find the best product to suit their specific applications.

While our instruments are designed to meet the requirements of most standard measurements, there will always be a need for systems that are slightly more bespoke. These special solutions can range from a need for an alternative communication output, a different housing, custom software or perhaps a flowmeter to measure in a hard-to-reach location.

Special solutions

  • Special software versions for non-standard liquids or piping materials
  • Measurement of the physical properties of liquids by speed of sound or concentration
  • Tailor made input and output configuration
  • Alternative instrument enclosures to meet application specific criteria
  • Custom made suitcases

Flexible approach

Our experienced engineers work closely with the customer, taking into account your wishes and specific requirements to offer the best possible solution. Our comprehensive expertise in ultrasonic flow measurement and our flexible approach to any non-standard application enable us to develop individual measurement solutions tailored to your needs.