UFM GuardA pig detector is essential in cleaning and testing transport lines for crude oil, liquefied gases and water. The key advantage of the UFM Guard is that the clamp-on sensor is non-invasive and therefore mounted on the outside of the pipe. The ultrasonic sensor registers when the PIG (Pipeline Inspection Gauge) passes the installation point. This non-invasive method is fast, reliable increases pipeline integrity, helps prevent environmental contamination, and provides cost savings.

At U-F-M we are specialists in ultrasonic clamp-on technology. Implicating that the UFM Guard sensor is mounted onto the outside of the pipe. The installation takes only a few minutes. Thanks to the compact design, it is even possible to apply the pig detector in a very tight space.

The non-invasive character of this pig detector allows easy installation and monitoring on most pipelines. It is not necessary to interrupt the flow process.

  • Non-invasive, No process interruptions
  • Maintenance free
  • Cost effective
  • No moving parts
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • IP 68 stainless steel housing
  • Very accurate at both low and high temperatures
  • ATEX flammable atmosphere approved
  • Suitable for temperatures from -40°C to +92°C
  • DIN-rail for composing a ​​complete pig-detection system – Optional

The UFM Guard pig-detector has approval for ATEX zones.

-40°C to +92°C (Eex ia I/IIC)

This clamp-on PIG detector works based on the friction between the passing pig and the pipe wall. The friction produces ultrasonic sound waves, perceptible to the sensor. This frequency differs from other background noise or vibrations caused by industrial environments. A large increase in noise indicates that the pig passes through the detection system, allowing time and location to be accurately recorded.


Are you not conducting flow measurements on a regular base ? You can rent the UFM Guard pig detector per day or per week . Do the measuring yourself or leave it in the capable hands of our service engineers. We are happy to assist you with technical advice and support !

  • UFM Guard pig detector- DIN-rail for pig detection system
  • YFM Guard pig detector - application (snow)
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