Our ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters are generally easy to install, operate and maintain. However, there are of course situations when training might be beneficial. For example in complex operating conditions, or when a large number of people will be using the instruments.

We are happy to provide training in all aspects of the use of our flow meters, with tailor-made courses suited to the experience and the number of participants involved.

U-F-M training

  • Details in the theory behind the measurement
  • Hands-on: The installation of the flowmeters
  • Use of our flow rig for ease of access
  • Support with troubleshooting and maintenance


Our courses are available to all of our customers and can be conducted either at our facilities in our NL premises, or at your own site in order to save time. The training can be completely practical or can contain classroom sessions on the broader implications of flow measurement. We can adapt the training to suit your needs, time frame and budget.