Try before you buy We understand that you will not purchase one of our ultrasonic flowmeters for each and every application or project. That is why we offer our rental service. It gives you the opportunity to use an ultrasonic measuring instrument for a short time only.


Rent a flowmeter for just one day!

Whether you need an clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for a one-off job or you just want to give the instrument a try – Our rental service offers the solution.

Fast and Flexible

We have a wide range of ultrasonic flowmeters that can be rented for 1 day. From our extensive stock, we put together a measuring kit that meets your specific application. Delivery – normally – the next day. We can supply the flowmeters in various configurations (incl. for measuring thermal energy flows /heat) and with additional sensors for wall thickness measurements.

Try before you buy - our rental service for ultrasonic flowmeters | U-F-M bv

  • Budget-friendly
  • Short turnaround times
  • Application authentication
  • ‘Try before you buy’