TA-SCOPE Premium Tough and effective balancing instrument for measuring and documenting differential pressure, flow, temperature and power in hydronic systems.

Insight into the functioning of your HVAC system is a definite must when you want to achieve perfect control, reduce its energy consumption and thus obtain a sustainable, cost-efficient heating or cooling installation. The robust, accurate and easy-to-use TA-SCOPE Premium delivers quicker, more cost-efficient balancing and enables rapid troubleshooting. In addition, the device links effortlessly to the HySelect PC software.

TA-SCOPE Premium is a robust, accurate and easy-to-use balancing instrument. It delivers quick, is cost-efficient and enables rapid troubleshooting. It links effortlessly to the HySelect PC software, gaining the maximum benefit from recorded data and enabling professional report writing and automatic software upgrades.


User-friendly design : Ergonomic and custom designed user-interface, ensures easy, comfortable balancing.
Interactive software : Software wizards for measuring, balancing and troubleshooting ensure a rapid and efficient use.
Wireless communication : For reliable balancing, a fully charged TA-SCOPE provides 3 days of power-efficient wireless performance.
DpS-Visio: The Dp (Differential pressure) sensor has an OLED display for showing Dp measurement, temperature and status. It also has an automatic flushing and calibration function.

TA-SCOPE consists of two main components:

  1. Handheld unit – Computer-based unit programmed with the TA valve characteristics. Straightforward functions with easy-to-follow instructions on the colour display.
  2. Differential Pressure Sensor unit – Communicates wirelessly with the handheld unit. Has an OLED display for showing its status, measured data and other information.

Measurement range
Total pressure:
TA-SCOPE max. 1 600 kPa
TA-SCOPE HP max. 2 500 kPa
Differential pressure:
TA-SCOPE 0 – 500 kPa
TA-SCOPE HP 0 – 1 000 kPa
Recommended pressure range during flow measurements:
TA-SCOPE 1 – 500 kPa
TA-SCOPE HP 3 – 1 000 kPa

Temperature liquid medium measurement
-20°C – +120°C

Measurement deviation
Differential pressure:
TA-SCOPE 0.1 kPa or 1% of reading, whichever is the highest
TA-SCOPE HP 0.2 kPa or 1% of reading, whichever is the highest
Flow: as for differential pressure + valve deviation
Temperature: <0.2°C

Battery capacity, operating and charge times
Handheld unit:
– battery capacity: 4 400 mAh
– operating time (with backlight on): >25 h
– charge time to full capacity: 6-7 h
DpS-Visio (Dp sensor unit):
– battery capacity: 1 400 mAh
– operating time (continuous measurements): >25 h
– charge time to full capacity: 2.5 h
Logging time (in sleep mode): >100 days

Ingress protection
Handheld unit (in wireless mode): IP64
Dp sensor unit (in wireless mode): IP64
Safety pressure and temperature probe: IP65
Digital temperature sensor: IP65

Ambient temperature for the instrument
During operation and charging: 0 – +40°C
During storage*: -20 – +60°C
*) Do not leave water in the sensor when there is a risk of freezing.

Ambient humidity: max. 90%RH

Input voltage: 100-240 VAC
Input frequency: 50-60 Hz
Connectors: EU, UK, US, AU/NZ

Case dimensions
LxWxH = 430x285x170 mm

The ultrasonic technique is the most accurate way of hydronic blancing. For measuring the flow volume an ultrasonic flow meter is highly recommended. The setting per radiator can then be determined on the basis of the data obtained. There are no deviations of 20 to 30%, such as may occur when using the temperature method. Therefore new appointments for new measurements are out of the question.

Not conducting balancing measurements on a regular base ? You can rent the TA SCOPE Premium per day or per week . Do the measuring yourself or leave it in the capable hands of our service engineers. We are happy to assist you with technical advice and support.

  • TA-SCOPE Premium portable ultrasoon inregelsysteem | U-F-M b.v.
  • TA-SCOPE Premium portable ultrasoon inregelsysteem | U-F-M b.v.
  • TA-SCOPE Premium portable ultrasoon inregelsysteem | U-F-M b.v.