KATflow 170For those applications where harsh environmental conditions demand a more rugged instrument, the KATflow 170 (Katronic™) provides a corrosion-resistant option as part of a fully (AT)EX-certified package. This flowmeter is intended for permanent operation in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas. It also is an economical choice for a variety of metering applications. The KATflow 170 proves that even the most complex technical requirements can be met with straightforward solutions.

This device has various input and output and measurement options. The KATflow 170 (by Katronic™) is extremely easy to use and is programmed with a magnetic pen and a glass-fronted keypad for increased safety. Its robustness and reliability is further enhanced by its explosion-proof housing, its display with easy-to-open protective cover and its encapsulated IP 68 transducers which are made of stainless steel and equipped with a sturdy cable conduit.

Housing and sensors

The KATflow 170 (produced by Katronic™) is housed in a IP 66 cover with a digital display protected by an easy-to-open cover. The innovative display shows the information about your flow measurement and the scope of the measurement signal. Both transmitter housing and clamp-on sensors are made of stainless steel and have a high IP rating. These features make this instrument suitable for use under extreme atmospheric conditions, such as on offshore platforms and in the desert where you are dealing with extreme temperature changes, high salinity levels, sand and humidity.

1 or 2 channel(s)

The KATflow 170  can be supplied with one or two measurement channels.
With the dual-channel model, you have the option of measuring two pipes simultaneously by means of two pairs of sensors.
In addition, you can perform a multi-path configuration measurement.

Measurement capabilities

The KATflow 170 offers a heat quantity measurement function that turns the instrument into a thermal energy meter, using two clamp-on PT100 sensors.

Also suitable for :
– Non-invasive Energy measurements, for example: HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and AirConditioning)
– PressureTemperature and Viscosity compensated flow measuring
– Concentration measurements like product recognition. (Possible by adding optional function that transmits the speed of sound through a current output.)

  • EX approved (housing and sensors)
  • 1 or 2 channel model
  • Bi-directional measuring
  • Simple menu, easy installation (Setup Wizard)
  • Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant
  • Thermal energy measurement function – optional
  • Density / concentration measurement – optional
  • Pipe diameter range: 10 mm to 6,500 mm
  • Temperature range : -180 °C to +650 °C
  • Accuracy : 0,5% (velocity)
  • Up to 100,000 measurement data logger and software for sampling and data transfer
  • AC / DC power supply (possibility: externally via battery or solar panel)
  • Katronic™
  • Pump testing and inspection
  • Verification inline flow meters
  • Leak detection and blockage tests
  • Flow measurement service
  • Cold and heat exchangers
  • Injection systems
  • Demineralised water
  • Clean room applications
  • CIP system monitoring
  • Internal data logger : 100,000 measurements times 10 variables = 1 million measurement data
  • KATdata + software for downloading and visualizing all data from the device onto your computer. Both numerical and real-time graphs
  • Send data: via the RS 232 connection, or via an optional USB cable
  • Optional : RS485 interface and Modbus RTU
  • Due to the variety of input / outputs and serial communication options, the KATflow 170 can easily be used for process monitoring and controlling fully automated systems.
Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant. This intuitive system provides visual and audible indications while mounting the (paired) sensors.
Because of its bi-directional operation the KATflow 170 achieves the highest achievable accuracy with 0.5%.

This ultrasonic flow meter operates based on transit time difference technology. This makes the device highly accurate, providing reliable flow data for almost any liquid, independent of the electrical conductivity of the medium.