Both the KATflow 200 and KATflow 230 operate for up to 24 hours in continuous operation on a full charge. The flowmeters should fully charge in twelve hours. The operating time of a portable flowmeter would decrease if the instrument is used intermittently.

The KATflow 230 is fitted with two 4-20 mA active outputs. If these are turned on battery life will decrease. The outputs should be disabled in the input/output menu if not in use.

If an extended operation we advice the KATflow 210. The instrument has several battery configurations available and can be operated in three different measurement modes intended to provide the longest possible measurement. Present estimates indicate that in its largest capacity the KATflow 210 should be able to provide datalogging for over three months.

All of the Katronic flowmeters can also be operated off mains power, providing continuous operation, even if only on a temporary basis. If either of the flowmeters are failing to meet the expected battery performance please contact us for additional advice.

For the battery life of our other portable measuring devices, check the technical specifications in the data sheets.